Erin J Howe

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Erin J Howe

Web Design, Web Development and Graphic Design.

I want to help people reach their online targets, big or small.

About Me

I am creative, passionate and dedicated to the details. I know it’s the little things that add up to build the final product. Look after the details and the rest will follow.

Two years ago, I decided to build on my fine arts education by becoming a Digital Media and IT student at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Studying web design and development would give me practical skills to complement my visual knowledge, allow me to help people connect in an online world.

It was a good decision. I love it.

Finding creative solutions to problems is fun and rewarding. I’m always amazed at how quickly a project can transform. As a web designer and developer, I can help people communicate. A well-designed website can share stories, create communities and expand businesses. I see the value in that.

My Resume


Dunster Schoolhouse

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I developed and designed this WordPress website for a rural community center in Dunster, British Columbia. Working with a board of volunteers I built a custom theme for their specific needs and aesthetic.


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Using the PHP framework, CodeIgniter, and the MVC design pattern this community building web application catalogs hiking trails in the Robson Valley. Users can find the information they need, create accounts and share photographs of their adventures.

Albatross Facts

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This simple website is all about Albatrosses. Built for an assignment in Web Business, informs the user about these amazing birds while tracking their time on the site with Google Analytics.

Mustangs Track Club

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Working with a partner, I helped redesign the St. Albert Mustangs Track and Field Club website. We built them a custom WordPress theme and restructured their information architecture into a more user friendly format.

Graphic Design

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See my most recent work for the 2017 Robson Valley Music Festival, as well as other graphic design projects. The design principles of contrast, proximity, alignment, repetition and balance influence all my work.


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From Happy Meal point-and-shoots too large format view cameras, I love them all. See a few of my recent projects.


I'd love to hear from you. Write me anytime.